The NOVA Neptune brings the advanced technology, performance and versatility found on our full-size Intelligent Direct Drive DVR lathes to the benchtop user

Smart Direct Drive: The lathe spindle is the rotor of Neptune’s smart,
direct drive digital motor from Striatech. With 1.5HP, Neptune provides
smooth high torque power throughout its 100 RPM to 3500 RPM
range with no transmission power loss and eamless speed adjustments
without the inconvenience of changing belts & pulleys.

Intelligent Computer Control: With the machine reading the
position of the spindle thousands of times per second, Neptune’s
CPU will increase or decrease power to maintain the exact RPM
you choose. From roughing to shaping to finishing, a constant RPM
makes turning a joy, giving you the best consistent results.

World Class Safety Features: Only NOVA DVR products can be
programmed for ultimate safety, including Electronic Braking that will
bring your workpiece to a holt in seconds, Chisel Jam Detection; once
a jam is detected, the unit will cut all motor power.

Swiveling, Sliding Headstock: The 360° swiveling headstock locks
at any position and includes locating pin detents at -45°, -22.5°, 0°,
22.5°, 45°, 90°, and 180°. The head of Neptune slides between the
full length of the bed.

Customizable Speed Settings: With four (4) customizable speed
settings, you can quickly and gradually increase or decrease the speed
based on your project’s requirements. You can change them again within
seconds for the next project or set them for basic rough, shaping, fine
detail and finishing steps based on your experience.

Smart Speed & Ramp Settings: By selecting the Rough or Fine
functions and selecting the diameter of your workpiece, Neptune will
ramp up your RPM to a safe speed for the size of the material you’re
turning. There’s even an unbalanced or large load (XL) setting allowing
the machine to safely bring the project to a steady and even speed.

A Universe of Technology and Features

• 1.5 HP, intelligent direct drive digital motor from Striatech which 
   provides a speed range of 100RPM to 3500RPM with constant
   speed under load

• 15” Turning diameter inboard

• 18” Between centers

• Headstock swivels 360 degrees and slides along the full
   bed length

• Electronic braking for rapid stops

• Easy to read speed chart menu

• 4 favorite programmable speed settings

• Coarse, or fine speed adjustment over entire speed range
   allowing you to quickly change your speed in steps of 5 or 50
   RPM with a simple twist of the dial

• Large screen display with icon-based menu control

• Chisel jam sensor/auto shutdown

• Digital motor secured to headstock via socket cap screws for easy

• Self-ejecting tailstock with an 2MT quill taper and a quill travel of 2.4”

Standard Equipment: 

10 Year Digital Motor ~ 5 Year Electronic and Mechanical Warranty 

6” Tool Rest • 3.15” Face Plate • Acruline 2MT Centre • Knock Out Bar • 2MT Live Centre • 2MT Spur Centre • USB A-A Cable • Manual & Hardware • Spanner Wrench