Scroll Chuck Basics

Scroll Chuck Basics 28th, 2018

Learn how a four-jaw scroll chuck can simplify the process of mounting bowl blanks by eliminating the need for a faceplate. A scroll chuck is a very helpful tool to have when turning bowls on a lathe. In this case, we take a closer look at the Nova G3 four-jaw, self-centering scroll chuck.

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  1. It would be nice if nova made a regular jaw set for their vices. Occasionally I need to chuck an item using standard lathe chuck jaws without the tapered jaws. In order to chuck bars on the wood lathe, I need to purchase a metal lathe chuck, then get a thread adapter to go from the 1 1/4 8 tpi wood chuck thread to the standard 1 1/2 tpi standard metal chuck thread. It will cost at least $250 to make this conversion. I would like nova to make reversible jaws so larger items could be chucked using the nova chuck body.

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