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Be one of only 45 NOVA product testers to get your hands on this Limited Edition Jaw ahead of an official product release next year. Our initial internal testing has indicated that this is a standout jaw for boxes, hollow vases and longer spindle work.

We want to know what you think!  Will it be a permanent product?
That’s up to you! A brief online survey will be sent to all BETA test purchasers. U.S. only.

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Product Description

These NOVA Box Jaws easily convert your NOVA chuck into a fast and accurate holding facility for box and vase making and for holding larger square blanks. The big jaw profile provides a vibration free, solid grip.  These NOVA Box Jaws have a special internal angle to easily mount square blanks and an extended length to hold square blanks for maximum grip. But they do so much more – these jaws can also hold long spindles for projects – the heavy duty, NOVA Box Jaws open up a new world of project holding possibilities for both square and round stock.

Square Blanks
15mm/0.590“ Square x OVERALL LENGTH OF WORK TO BE GRIPPED up to 225mm/8.858“

Gripped down to 11.5mm (0.452”) diameter

Need to know:
These are not designed for any of the NOVA Cole Jaws. Read safety instructions in manual carefully before use.
Do not exceed 1,440 RPM. NOVA Box Jaws will fit on any NOVA chuck.

2 x Box Jaw segments

Warranty: 6 Year Full Replacement Warranty

Weight: 1lb

2 reviews for NOVA BOX JAWS (SKU 6060) BETA

  1. Dave Williams (verified owner)

    I recently broke an oak shovel handle. I didn’t want to throw the wood away so I have been turning new handles for tools with it. I was using a drive spur and live center before I received these 6060 jaws. I was unable to drill holes using a drive spur with a drill chuck using the lathe. The oak was just to hard for a 4 spur or multipoint drive spur. These jaws would just barely allow me to chuck the largest 1.5″ diameter handle in these box jaws. The 6050 jaws (which I don’t have) might have been better suited for round stock but I was very pleased with the results I achieved with the 6060 box jaws for spindle work.

  2. 5 out of 5

    John Walter (verified owner)

    Ok. It took me a little while before putting these into use, but let me tell you something. I have been able to stabilize my square stock and turn it round. These jaws help center the wood. I can use them to center and drill out my pen blanks. I love these jaws.

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