PRESS RELEASE: Teknatool Announces New Range of NOVA Chucks with its PRO-TEK Series

PRESS RELEASE: Teknatool Announces New Range of NOVA Chucks with its PRO-TEK Series 7th, 2020

November 5, 2020 (Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, and Clearwater, FL, USA) — Teknatool, an international manufacturer of the industry’s most inNOVAtive woodworking tools and equipment, under its NOVA brand, announces that its latest range of premium chuck products, the PRO-TEK Series, will be available for sale by the year’s end.* After developing the first woodworking chuck more than 30 years ago, NOVA’s NEW PRO-TEK Series of chucks are primed to be the most inNOVAtive chucks available on today’s market.


“NOVA and Teknatool have been pioneers in the global woodworking and woodturning industry for decades and we are not slowing down anytime soon,” said Joel Latimer, President of Teknatool. “We have always been a company that stays ahead of the curve. Back in the 1980s
when woodturning was just beginning to evolve into one of the most popular woodworking crafts, the trend sparked our inspiration to develop the first chuck. We are proud to continue revolutionizing the chuck and introduce our NEW PRO-TEK chucks to our global customers as the next generation woodturning chucks.”


The NEW NOVA PRO-TEK Series includes features such as premium rust-resistant plating, stronger and more versatile 50mm/2” PRO-TEK Jaws with an improved dovetail and serrated profile, upgraded six-point star fasteners, and laser etched jaw numbering, among other enhanced features including a FREE microfiber shop towel. Multiple market specific PRO-TEK chuck bundles will also be available with various jaw offerings. All PRO-TEK Series products also include the Best in Market Warranty of 6 years!


The company that is now Teknatool was first founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1956 and its NOVA brand of woodturning equipment was first developed in the late 1970s. As woodturners began to expand and diversify their designs, NOVA debuted its first chuck product in the 1980s to meet the customer demand among skilled turners who needed a solution to hold their work more securely. Now as NOVA’s chuck has continued to inNOVAte over the past 30 years, it is estimated that more than one million NOVA chucks are being used around the world. In addition, Teknatool has received an array of prestigious awards and accolades for its inNOVAtive, high quality, and great value products.


The NEW PRO-TEK Series range products are ideal for woodworking and woodturning enthusiasts worldwide. From individuals who are just beginning to woodwork as a creative retirement hobby, or those who are woodworkers by trade, NOVA’s latest chucks will enable global NOVA chuck customers to elevate their self-expression through their woodturning projects by relying on a secure, safe, and guaranteed device.


NOVA’s PRO-TEK Series of chucks will be available by the end of 2020. The new series will be sold through all NOVA product dealers in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. A full list of dealers is available on Teknatool’s website. Woodworking equipment dealers who are interested in becoming a qualified NOVA distributor can contact Teknatool.


For more information, click here: NEW! PRO-TEK SERIES CHUCKS & JAWS – NOVA (teknatool.com)

To locate a dealer near you, click here: Find a Dealer – NOVA (teknatool.com)

*Actual launch dates, inventory and product availability will vary by market and dealer.