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 Stus Shed Reviews the Comet II 


See Chris Grundy and Dale Sherman put the Comet through its paces on the 'Cool Tools' segment of the DIY network TV show

See WOOD Magazine review the Comet II at the IWFS 2012 or via our YouTube channel

More videos: 

Versaturn Coupler

Comet Midi Lathe, Grinding Wheel and Finger Jig Attachment

Comet Midi Lathe, Wire Wheel Accessory

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1-Year Full Replacement on Motor, Electronics and Consumables

2-Year Full Replacement on all other parts


Portable, space saving - yet delivers the capacity and the rugged stability of larger lathes. With the NOVAs unique VERSATURN® Accessories, transform your NOVA Comet II midi lathe into a all-in-one Wood Turning and Wood Working system. The NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe is perfect for a wide range of Wood Working projects. Download brochure (.pdf) 

Note: Switch types vary from country and may vary from that shown

Comet II Midi Lathe Features and Benefits:

Powerful Electronic Variable Speed Motor offers an RPM range from 250 to 4000 RPM With a super lower speed up to a super-high speed, this makes the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe the perfect choice for a variety of projects, from pens to bowls. 

Forward and Reversing Switch offers addtional flexiblity and allows you to achieve a superior finish. 

12" Swing Capacity over bed and 16.5" between centers, extendable with bed extension accessory. 

3 Step Pulley System offers different speed ranges while providing maximum flexbility. The middle step usually provides enough range for most Wood Turning applications, however the addtional 2 steps provide more torque for the more demanding applications. 

Versaturn® Adapatable Technology Accessories 
The NOVA Verstaturn® Adaptable Technology is exclusive to NOVA. With the addition of the Versaturn® Coupler, these accessories enable you to turn your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe into a:  
- Grinding Wheel 
- 6" Wire Brush 

(Each accessory is sold seperately, these cannot be fitted to any other lathe other than the NOVA Comet II)  

Plus these Additional Features ( standard on all NOVA Lathes): 

  • Quality materials – Solid Cast Iron throughout.
  • Strong 2MT spindles
  • NOVA smart accessories – lathe accessories are common between the models, meaning any money invested in the accessories isn’t wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe.
  • Precision Machining.  
  • Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the  NOVA lathes offer.
  • Extendable Beds – make your lathe as long as your project requires, without having permanently taking up workshop room! (Additional Accessory item)
  • Quick Action Cam Controls – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast.
  • Large range of accessories


Comet with optional bed accessory added

Controller detail - note switch types may vary from country to country and may differ to that shown

The belt position is easy to change and the 3 step pulley system provides a wide range of speeds while providing maximum flexibility 

Comet II Midi Lathe Accessories Versaturn® Attachments: 
Versaturn® Coupler
SKU 47000

This unit enables each of the Versaturn Accessories to be mounted to the Comet II Midi Lathe. Quick to change and lock into place. 

View Video of the Coupler HERE 


Versaturn® Grinding Wheel
SKU 47002 

6" Whitestone Wheel, with the Comets variable speed adjustment up to 4000rpm which enables you to select just the right speed to grind, without burning the tool edge. Requires the coupler to use on the Comet II Lathe. 

View Video of the Grinding Wheel HERE 

Additional Accessories: 
NOVA Comet Bed Extension 
SKU 47001

Enables the Comet II Midi Lathe to be extended in length, perfect for longer spindle projects. 





NOVA Comet Stand 
SKU 47050

Enables the Comet II Midi Lathe to be mounted on a stand.
This Comet II Stand has a rugged tubular steel and adjustable design, providing a mobile and stable work support for the Comet II Midi-Lathe. The stand also has v-style legs that allow for more room under the lathe for easy maneuvering.The Comet II Stand mounts directly to your Comet II Midi-Lathe.





NOVA G3 Comet II Reversible Chuck 
SKU 48232
Auto-Stop Jaw Slides, Enhanced Jaw Gearing and Reverse Lock features that ensure this NOVA G3 Comet II Reversible chuck will remain engaged and locked on the spindle for use in forward and reverse. Exclusively for the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe.  
For more on this chuck, see here


COMET II Product Technical Specification: 
  • Bowl turning capacity: 12"/300mm inboard. 

  • Between centers: Standard 16.5"/419mm. Extendable to 42"/1066mm, using optional bed extension accessory.

  • HP: 3/4HP, 120v single phase, 60Hz, Variable Speed 

  • Speed range: 250 - 4000rpm 

  • Spindle Thread: 1"8TPI RH 

  • Tailstock: 2MT hollow, quill travel 1.6"/40.60mm


Standard Equipment: 
  • 3"/80mm faceplate

  • 6"/152mm toolrest  

  • 2MT live centre

  • 2MT spur centre

  • Manual & Fastenings  

  • Hand wheel

  • Knock out bar