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Outrigger Unit
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The Mercury lathe is not available in all markets. Check with your local reseller. 

A small, portable lathe, but engineered with the potential to be a full sized machine!  It has the ability to expand and grow beyond Mini Work.

Features at a glance
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) 5 Year Warranty (
First two years full parts and labour, additional three years free parts replacement.
 Motor and electrics are covered under separate 1 year warranty)

bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Electronic Variable Speed Control
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) 1/2HP  DC Motor - Produces maximum torque
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Add on Beds - Extends Mercury Capacity
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Outboard Accessory - Extends Mercury Capacity
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Easy to use controls
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Headstock Spindle unique one piece design - Delivers maximum rigidity
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Portable - only 57 lbs or 24 kgs
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Bed and Headstock one integrated design - Vibration dampening
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Hollow and threaded tailstock - Fits unique Collet Quill accessory
bullet wood.gif (859 bytes) Headstock and bed use superior 220 grade cast iron

Close Up of Mercury Control Board.Electronic Variable Speed Control
Speed can be changed at the twist of a knob.  Apart from the convenience and ease of change of speed, infinitely variable speed control is important to reduce vibration from out of balance work pieces.  DC Speed can be infinitely adjusted.  Coupled with the high torque DC motor, Teknatool also uses a three step pulley to provide optimum power bands for:
Lower Speed Bowl Turning 140-1750rpm
Middle Step Normal Turning 320-3670 rpm
High Speed Turning and Sanding work.470-5350 rpm

DC Motor Produces Maximum Torque
The Mercury uses a permanent magnet DC motor, which produces the most torque of the conventional motor configurations. The motor is rated at 1/2 HP, 380 watts.

  Add on Beds Extend the Mercury Capacity
An add on Bed Accessory can be added to extend the between centre capacity (BC) of the lathe.  Each bed section adds 300mm turning capacity. 
Note: This is an optional accessory.
To buy Click HERE.

Outrigger Units Gives Outboard Capacity
The Mercury has a outboard swing of 355mm (14"). No other mini lathe has this sort of capacity! It means the average turner will be able to turn all, or most projects on the Mercury without needing a larger lathe

Note: This is an optional accessory.
To buy Click HERE


Nova Mercury AccessoriesEase of Use
Comes with a quick change toolslide, easy operation tailstock and easy access to the front belt. Toolslide can be extended and rotated backwards or forwards through an arc of at least 180 deg, it required.

Headstock Spindle is Unique One Piece Design
Delivers maximum rigidity and bearing support.  All pulley positions, spindle threads (RH and LH) are made from a single steel billet.  There are no joins, no screws, no parts to fit together. This means a balanced spindle, producing minimal vibration, plus no maintenance problems - no pulley to come loose!  The spindle is hollow to accomodate a knock out bar.

The Mercury is a true mini lathe and it is designed to be set up and moved with ease. It weighs around 57lbs (around 24kgs) and is easily picked up and carried. 

Bed and Headstock are one integrated design
Both the bed and headstock are cast in one piece, from superior 220 grade cast iron. Delivers optimum performance and vibration dampening. 

Close Up of Collet Quill in Mercury Tailstock.Tailstock is hollow and threaded
The Mercury is tailstock is threaded to take the optional accessory - the Collet Quill Unit pdf-icon.gif (938 bytes) (same as Comet lathe accessory) This is a very useful accessory and totally unique to the Mercury! There are 2 big advantages:  1) The overhang of a drill chuck and arbor reduces center capacity - this is usually bad news for mini turning where diameters are small.  The Collet system enables the user to lock up the drill point as
Close up of collet quil on Mercury lathe close as convenient to the tailstock.  2) Reduced overhang means there is increased drilling capacity between centres - this is an important consideration with mini lathes where bed lengths are short. The tailstock quill has a long travel to allow from deep drilling.