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A well respected, widely used mid range lathe, the Nova 3000 has the features and quality package that you would expect from a much more expensive lathe. The Nova 3000 is a true 'future proof' machine - the basic design framework is the same for the the DVR 3000 lathe, so the Nova 3000 lathe can be upgraded to the DVR technology. 

Features at a glance
8 speed range 
Full Swivel Head
16" (400mm) capacity over bed, 29" (740mm) using outrigger
24" (600mm) between centre capacity, extendable in 20"(510mm) bed units. 
24 Division Spindle Index
Extendable Bed Units
Solid Cast Iron construction
Quick Action Cam Controls

Add on Bed System
Why have a longer bed than your turning requires ?
The Nova 3000 Lathe comes in several bed configurations :

  • Bowl Lathe
  • Compact Lathe
  • Add on Bed Extensions

The extendable bed concept allows you to have just the between centre length you require for your Woodturning. With the modern emphasis on bowl turning, the Compact version will be adequate for many woodturners. For those who want to extend their spindle capacity, Add On Bed Extensions are available. The compact design combined with the swivel head, means a lot more space in your workshop for your other equipment, and is small enough to pick up and put in your car boot!

Swivel Head

Position your work where you want to turn:

  • Turned away for back turning on bowls.
  • Turned towards you for deep hollowing
  • Turned to 90 degrees for very large turning work
  • Reversed 90 degrees for rim turning

No need to strain over bed - saves your back from wear and tear. Turn in the position most comfortable for you. Quick and easy to position, the detent lock ensures alignment with bed. No need for left handed chisel techniques or extra left hand fittings. Space Saving - no additional outrigger turning space required.



Speed Range
8 Speeds, one of the best speed ranges available. Very low speeds for large out of balance turning work. High speeds for small and finishing work. Evenly stepped speeds allows smooth speed transition, for different diameters.

Future Proof your Nova 3000 Lathe 
The Nova 3000 lathe uses the same bed structure as the Nova DVR. You can easily upgrade your Nova 3000 to the DVR technology and features by either adding the DVR Headstock and new Solid Tailstock. Both the DVR tailstock and headstock are designed to fit straight onto your existing Nova 3000. 

  • Add the new solid DVR tailstock to your existing Nova 3000 lathe. 
  • Add the DVR Electronic Variable Speed Headstock to your existing Nova 3000 lathe. 
  • Or add both units and get a full DVR lathe

Other Nova 3000 Features

  • Larger Capacity - Turn a 3mm (1/8") miniature through to a 740mm (29") platter.
  • Solid Construction - All Cast Iron components for strength and rigidity.
  • Heavy Duty Bearings - Large, well proven Twin Bearing System able to take heavy turning stresses.
  • Five Year Warranty.