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We only recommend the use of authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chucks.

Using copies or other brands and products on your NOVA chucks could lead to issues like run out, detachment or product failure. 

Doing so will invalidate the comprehensive NOVA warranty and most importantly, use of unauthorised accessories may be unsafe.









Teknatool uses an easy and inexpensive insert/adaptor system on all its NOVA chucks (apart from the obsolete Compac chuck)

The insert has different lathe spindle thread sizes internally, and simply screws into the back of your Nova chucks.  Once the insert is in place, you can then put your chuck onto your lathe. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Adapts any NOVA chuck to almost any lathe spindle at low cost.
  • The insert/adaptor versions of NOVA chucks all use the same insert/adaptor system to ensure maximum adaptability and flexibility for the user.


The insert fits into the back of the chuck and onto your lathe headstock spindle. We have the largest range of inserts to fit many different popular lathe models. The inserts are threaded both inside and out. The outside thread is made to fit into the NOVA Chucks. The inside thread comes in a variety of sizes, which one you need will depend on what lathe you have. See the insert thread listing below for more details. If you are not sure what lathe thread you have, see our FAQ on how you can identify this thread

In order to help you find the most suitable adaptor, we provide the following table for you.

The first refers to the list of insert/adaptors that we manufacture.  Check with us if your lathe is not listed, we update our inserts all the time.   The second table refers to the thread sizes which we direct thread into the chuck body - as such, these do not require insert/adaptors.  A directly threaded chuck body cannot be altered to an insert type body or another thread size once threaded, so it pays to be sure that your lathe thread size is not covered by the insert/adaptors first!  


Insert Spanner. Makes it easy to get inserts off and onto your chuck and lathe. Dual ended, sizes useful for other applications on Nova lathes.

Insert/Adaptor Listing for Nova chucks


Code Description Thread Size Lathe Match (where known)
12NS INSERT 2 M20x2 RH (Metric) Tyme Cub
I3NS INSERT 3 M20x1.5 RH (Metric) Electra Beckum / Multico Sumaro
I6NS INSERT 6 3/4" Plain Bore  
I7NS INSERT 7 1 1/8" 8 TPI UN(NOT UNC) Oliver
I8NS  INSERT 8 7/8" 12 NS LH  
I9NS  INSERT 9  3/4" 16 TPI RH with 6mm register  
IANS INSERT A 3/4" 4TPI BSP RH Teknatool TL1000 (Pre 1986)
IBNS INSERT B 3/4" 4TPI BSP LH Teknatool TL1000 (Pre 1986)
ICNS INSERT C 1" 10TPI BSF RH Teknatool TL1000, Woodfast, Durden 
IDNS INSERT D 1" 8TPI UNC RH Delta, Rockwell, Golding, General, Teknatool Comet (North America) & Mercury Lathes
IENS INSERT E 1" 12TPI UNF RH Myford ML8, Turnstyler
IFNS INSERT F 5/8" Plain Bore RH
IHNS INSERT H 3/4" 10TPI BSW RH Rockwell / Homecraft 
IINS INSERT I M24x3 RH (Metric) B Line, Arundel K600/K450
IJNS INSERT J 1 1/8" 12 TPI RH Myford Mystro, Masterlathe (NZ)
IKNS INSERT K M18x2.5 RH (Metric) Elu DB 180
ILNS INSERT L 1 1/4" 8 TPI RH  Designed for Teknatool 1 ¼” thread reversible operation lathes
IMNS INSERT M 1" 10TPI BSF LH Teknatool TL1000, Woodfast / Durden
INNS INSERT N Blank.  Can be threaded up to 28mm (1 1/8? to match your lathe size Once threaded, this blank adapator cannot be re-threaded. 
IONS INSERT O 1 1/8" 7 TPI  BSW RH Morton
IQNS INSERT Q M30x3.5 RH (Metric) Teknatool TL1500/3000/Comet (European & Southern Hemisphere), Woodfast
ISNS INSERT S  5/8" Plain Bore  Designed Specifically for Shopsmith Pro V, Power Pro Machines. 
ITNS  INSERT T  1"8 TPI Dual Threaded LH and RH 
IUNS INSERT U 1 1/8" 12 TPI UNF RH  Taiwanese
IYNS INSERT Y 1 1/4"  8 TPI RH For lathes don't have reverse turning ability.
IWNS INSERT W M25x2 RH (Metric) Tyme Avon ('83 on) & Classic, Tanner SD165; Selbix Springwood; Sorby (some markets); Cotech
IXNS INSERT X  1"8 TPI RH  reversible  Designed specifically for the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe, features lock for the reverse function.