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NOVA Toolrest Collar Ring

Code: 27007

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2 Years

The Nova Toolrest Collar ring can be locked onto the tool shaft for maintaining your tool rest at the fixed height. Therefore you don't need to worry about the height of your toolrest, when you adjust your toolrest to a different direction.

Features at a glance

  • A simple collar to provide a fixed height for the Toolrest, saving the turner from having to find the same height again each time.
  • Enables the turner to return to a preset height again instantly.
  • Gives a consistent, reliable, set height where height accuracy is critical.
  • 1” internal diameter collar, for all NOVA lathes as well as other lathes with a 1” Toolrest shaft, which encompasses a majority of the lathes on the market.
  • Made from quality steel with chamfered edges for users protection.


  • Indexing (see pictures below) 
  • Bowl profiling 
  • Great for beginner turners especially - you can set it to the correct height setting for different chisels. 

Example of using the unit for indexing: 



Standard Equipment:

  • Collar Ring
  • Grub Screw
  • Fibre wash  
  • Allan key