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The largest chuck in the NOVA chuck range. Ideal for those large lathes with 20"/508mm diameter swing and larger.  Super Aggressive Holding Power.


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2 Years



We only recommend the use of authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chucks.

Using copies or other brands and products on your NOVA chucks could lead to issues like run out, detachment or product failure. 

Doing so will invalidate the comprehensive NOVA warranty and most importantly, use of unauthorised accessories may be unsafe.


The Nova Titan Chuck is a large solid chuck designed for use on large lathes and for larger projects.

This solid 5” diameter chuck with it’s larger jaw capacity is capable of handling much larger projects than the SuperNova2 Chuck.  

The Titan can also take all the Teknatool chuck Accessory jaw sets in the range (although with it’s larger size, we recommend appropriate larger accessory jaws as the perfect match)  

Note: If your lathe is less than 508mm/20” diameter swing, please have a look at the SuperNova2 Chuck. If your lathe has less than 360mm/14" diameter swing, please have a look at the NOVA G3 Chuck. If your lathe has less than 304mm/12” diameter swing, please have a look at the NOVA Precision Midi Chuck.


Features standard on all NOVA chucks:

  • Quality Materials.
  • Precision Machining.
  • Common Accessory Jaw Fixing Profile – compatible across all NOVA chucks and accessories.
  • High Tech Precision Composite Jaw Slides.
  • Special Woodturning Dovetail Profile on Jaws.

  • Auto Safety Stop Feature. Jaw slides can’t protrude past the chuck body.

  • Comprehensive Instructions.

  • Safe Lock Woodworm Screw. 

  • 2 Years Warranty
More on these features, please click HERE.

Additional Titan II Features & Benefits

  • Fully sealed backing plate.  Solid Sheet Steel backing plate, prevents build up of wood dust, ensuring minimal maintanence.

  • Powerful Geared Grip with Tuff Lock Technology. Precise, hardened geared action delivers incredible smooth strength. Solid, vibration free.

  • Large Chuck Body. The 125mm/5” diameter chuck translates into a rugged workhorse that is perfect for large lathes and tackling super solid projects.

  • Single Handed Operation. Fast and convenient when mounting your project. More time spent turning and less time spent preparing.  

  • Ball nose Allen Key with large, easy grip handle.  Fast, positive location, easy and comfortable to use.

  • Body made from precision machined 1045 High Tensile Steel, with a polished self metal finish to allow for closer tolerances.

  • Able to take all NOVA accessories jaws.


Product Technical Specification
  • Recommended for power workholding on lathes from 350mm (14”) to 838mm (33”) diameter swing.
  • Up to 838mm/33” diameter bowls (using PowerGrip jaws)
  • Up to 482mm/19” length spigots (using PowerGrip jaws)
  • Full Packaged Weight (Std) 3.67kgs/7.93lbs

Able to take the entire NOVA Jaws range. Only NOVA Chucks give you the same jaw fixing system all chuck models.

This means all accessory jaws in the range fit all the chucks in the range, including older chuck models, giving you the ultimate flexibility. In buying a NOVA chuck, you can be confident that whether you want to move up or down the range, any accessories you have invested in will fit.

Standard Equipment
  • Chuck Body & Jaw Slides (Comes fully assembled)
  • PowerGrip Jaws
  • Safe Lock Woodworm Screw (Extra Long)  
  • Manual & Fastenings
  • Display/Storage Box
  • T Bar Allen Head Handle with Soft Plastic Grip


Threads Covered:
  • 1 1/4"8TPI RH - SKU 13055

  • M33 RH - SKU 13057

  • At this time we only have the Titan II Chuck in dedicated threaded versions, these Chucks cannot take the standard insert/adaptors and cannot be fitted to any other lathe spindle size.