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NOTE: The SuperNova Chuck has been updated and upgraded to the SuperNova2 chuck. The SuperNova is being gradually replaced in all markets with the SuperNova2 chuck. Accessory jaws are still interchangeable.  For more on this chuck, see here. 

The Nova Chuck concept, the most popular in recent wood-turning history, has revolutionised workholding. The SuperNova Chuck carries on that tradition. The SuperNova has tremendous holding power. Increases turning horizons with a much easier, more convenient operation. 

The SuperNova is fully compatible with the Nova Chuck. 

Nova Chuck turners will find upgrading to SuperNova advantageous and easy - all accessories are fully compatible between the Nova and SuperNova chucks. 

SuperNova is designed for the tough demands of modern day woodturning, taking a rugged, straightforward approach to deliver a lightweight chuck that is simply maintained. 
The SuperNova has quality where it counts! The SuperNova has a body made from high quality K1045 machine steel for optimum tensile strength and wear, protected by a hard, nickel plated finish.  
The Tuff Lock gears are hardened for extensive use and long wear. All components have a rust protective finish.
Ruggedness where it counts! The open back is easy to clean but the powerful, open form gears are also difficult to clog with shavings.

Greater Turning Power
The special Tuff Lock gearing (Pat. App. 314589) delivers amazing holding power far beyond that of the Nova Chuck. A hardened geared drive with a rugged open form gives a smooth, fast action and an unshakable grip. You can extend your woodturning into new areas both large and small. Extra holding strength and stability decreases vibration - you can extend much longer, small delicate stems. With larger work you can extend further from the face of the chuck, or handle rough and uneven pieces. The SuperNova provides the holding power and stability to turn at the end of a delicate goblet with a 3mm (1/8") stem. You can hold larger diameter or heavy turnings with increased security. Using the PowerGrip jaws, large bowls or platters can be easily held up to the full 740mm (29") diameter of the Nova 3000 outboard.


Unique One Handle Pivot Action
SuperNova requires only one hand to operate. The geared action means less effort is required for secure tightening. You can easily position and support your work with your other hand while you are tightening the jaws. SuperNova's unique pivot action T-bar handle can swivel away, preventing collision with either lathe or the turning. Also swivels to the most handy and comfortable position for you.

Lightweight & Adaptable to Most Lathes
SuperNova is designed for a wide range of wood lathes.
However, it is most suitable for those lathes 
with a 16" diameter swing upwards. For more on which chuck is most suitable for you, go here. For all lathes from 150mm (6") to 450mm (18"). The extra power and quality of the SuperNova provides a very secure platform for all large diameter/longer length turning.  Photo at right: The Insert being screwed into the back of the SuperNova Chuck.

SuperNova Versions

For Nova Chuck turners who want to upgrade, the Companion provides the SuperNova body, pivot handle and new set of jaw fastenings. All Nova components readily fit the SuperNova, including lathe inserts and jaw accessories.

Optioned with 50mm jaws, the standard SuperNova enables you to turn a wide range of bowls and spigot turnings up to 360mm (14") depending on grip required. The Woodworm screw gives an excellent screw chuck option. Includes pivot handle.

Has the new PowerGrip jaws. For power users with large woodturning projects. The PowerGrip jaw has a capacity of over 75mm (3") square or 90mm (3.5") rounds, and an expanding dovetail facility up to 120mm (4.75"). This gives the capacity for very large turnings, as with log in photo above. Includes special Woodworm and pivot handle.

Versatility For All Woodturning Projects

You can take your woodturning explorations anywhere you want to go. SuperNova has a great range (one of the largest available) of optional jaws and accessories. All accessories for the Nova are fully compatible with the SuperNova. Accessories: 25mm (1") jaws, Pin jaws, Step jaws, 35mm & 45mm Spigot jaws, 100mm (4") jaws, 130mm Jumbo jaws, PowerGrip jaws, Cole jaws, Vari jaws (eccentric turning), Vacuum faceplate, Spur center.

For more, see Nova Chuck Page