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Other NOVA Chuck Accessories


NOVA Spur Centre
Code: NCSC

This is a rugged, 4 pronged Spur Drive with a 19mm square shank which fits snugly into the Nova Chuck Jaws.  

Creep of the Spur is prevented as the shank is slotted to allow the chuck jaws to close over it.  The design takes quite a novel approach with points located at each corner.  The wedged shape of the prongs allows them to penetrate and firmly grip the wood.  

The spur is just the answer  for turners who use the Nova Chuck most of the time but want to be able to swap quickly for spindle work.

View Video Clip of the 25mm Jaws By Clicking Picture. 


NOVA Woodworm Screw & Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw
Code: 10006

The form of the screw has a deep fine blade which is machined right to the end of the screw.  This allows an easy lead into the wood and the depth of the blades and core size means that the larger wood blanks can me mounted onto the chuck.  

The screw has a square shank for positive locking into the chuck.  The screw is 23mm (15/16") long, with blades 2mm deep,  and the core size is 7mm.   All this adds up to a screw with a very powerful gripping action.  The RH Woodworm Screw comes standard with the Nova Chuck, and with the SuperNova Standard and Premier versions.

Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw with the same specification as the screw listed above, but with an extra length for use with the Cole Jaws.

Hole size for Woodworm Screw :

The 10.5mm thread of the woodworm screw requires a drilled hole about 8mm (5/16") in diameter. The screw has considerable holding power and it is sometimes difficult to unscrew, so wax or oil the thread before mounting the wood.

NOVA Chuck Accessory Fastenings

Cole Jaw Fastening Spares
Code: CJFK

Fastening spares for the Cole Jaw Set. Contains rubbers and screws.

General Chuck Fastening Spares
Code: NSFK

Fastening spares for the chuck and most accessory jaws. Contains screws, wrenches and grubscrews.