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NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press Firmware Upgrade

Download for upgrading your NOVA Voyager Drill Press Firmware

This download is a FREE service feature. Everything in one easy to use zip file, with .pdf step by step instructions included.

Download: DVR Firmware Upgrader-20170530

Note: You can revert to your previous version software at any time

The instruction for the update can be found on the following link: Firmware Update Procedure

Product Description

Please Note: This firmware version is a Beta release and may contain some software issues

Important: A software issue has been identified in software version R2P05f. When drilling with the electronic depth stop, the drill press will not stop on some situations.

New Features which were introduced in the new version 5 HMI Firmware upgrade

R2P05i (current version) – May 30th 2017

R2P05h – May 10th 2017
R2P05f at time of release – April 7th 2017


With the introduction of the version 5 firmware (Interface version R2P05), a revamped interface display is introduced to the NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press. This guide describes all the new features and improvements of the new interface including:

• Completely redesigned user interface display with more intuitive menus
• Switch between “Set Speed” and “Set Depth” adjustment modes straight from the main screen
• “Precision” mode has been introduced, allowing users to set the target depth in finer increments
• Fractional display for imperial units have been introduced
• “Stop & Reverse for 6 seconds”, A new Digital Depth Stop function has been added
• A new F-button shortcut is now available which can be used to set the current depth reading as your target depth
• The password function can now be used to lock most settings in the menu but still let user operate the machine
• A new Power Spindle Hold mode has been introduced for keyless chuck users
• Custom drill press speed limit and output power limit can now be set

New User interface

The most significant change that was introduced in the version 5 firmware is the completely revamped user interface design, unlocking new display options which have never been possible before on this machine!

The new user interface features a more minimal display focusing on having larger numbers for displaying the most important information (digital depth read out). If the user adjusts the speed or the target depth, this information is temporarily displayed for a few seconds before returning to the digital depth display.

A big improvement in the new firmware is the ability to switch between the “Set Speed” mode and the “Set Depth” mode, allowing both to be configured on the main screen without having to go into the menu.
To switch between the “Set Speed” and “Set Depth” mode, simply press and hold down the Speed Dial for approximately 3 seconds. The machine should beep once and the box for SPD or SET should be highlighted to indicate the mode for “Set Speed” and “Set Depth” respectively.

Similar to the speed adjustment mode, the set depth can be adjusted in FINE and COARSE modes.
FINE adjustment: Turn the speed dial to adjust the set depth in small steps
COARSE adjustment: Press the speed dial in and turn to adjust in large steps

As well as the FINE and COARSE adjustment, a new PRECISION mode has been introduced to allow the user to set the target depth in smaller steps.

To activate the Precision mode, go to Menu > Configuration > Interface Setting > SET Mode and press the Zero/Confirm button to switch between Precision mode and Standard mode.

Reorganized the Configuration Menu

The configuration menu has now been reorganized with more intuitive labels to describe their functions.
The two main menus in Menu > Configuration are:
– Interface Settings: This menu consists of most of the settings and configurations for the drill display and digital depth stop options.
– Motor Performance: The options relating to the performance of the motor and the machine, including speed limits, power limits and advanced motor parameters.

Precision SET Mode
The precision mode introduced in the new firmware allows the user to set finer increments for the target depth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The accuracy of the digital read out is heavily dependent on the user calibration process and how the drill press is used. The precision mode only allows the user to adjust the digital depth stop at smaller increments. The actual accuracy of the hole drilled is affected by many other factors.

Imperial Units Display (Decimal)
The imperial decimal display of the drill press has also been updated and now can display 3 decimal places and allowing users to set a more accurate set depth using Precision mode.

Fractions Imperial Display
A new fractional display option has been added to the Voyager. The fractional display shows a “main” fraction display and a “sub” fraction display. Each fraction display can be configured independently and has an optional “rounding” parameter which simplifies the fraction. The user is able to customize the display as they prefer.

To enable the fraction display, go to Menu > Configuration > Interface Setting > Units and press the Zero/Confirm button to switch between Metric, Imperial (Decimal), and Imperial (Fraction) mode.

To configure the fraction display go to Menu > Configuration > Interface Setting > Fraction Display.
The “main” fractional display can be set to increments of 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32th, and 1/64th
The “sub” fractional display can be set to increments of 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32th, 1/64th and OFF
Both the “main” and “sub” display can be set with “Rounding” parameter which simplifies the fraction (e.g. A depth reading of 12/64th [Rounding OFF] will be display as 3/16th [Rounding ON])

NOTE: If the main display is set in a finer increment than the sub or vice versa, the number displayed will be rounded towards 0. For example, if the main setting reads 5/32”, the sub display will only display 2/16” (if set to 1/16 increments) and 1/8” (in 1/8 increments).

Power Spindle Hold (for keyless chucks)

A new feature which has been introduced is the “Powered Spindle Hold” function which powers and holds the spindle for 30 seconds, freeing up one hand to hold the drill bit and tighten the chuck.
NOTE: This function applies 11% of the maximum motor power to the spindle when tightening

To access the Powered Spindle Hold function, go to Menu > Advance Modes and select the Pwrd Spindle Hold function. To activate the hold, press the button while the following screen is displayed.

The screen will display a countdown for 30 seconds and apply some force to hold the spindle in place. After the counter has reached 0, the user can press button to activate the function again or press the button to turn to the main menu.
During any time of the routine, the user is able to press the button to turn to the main menu.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that both hands are used to twist the chuck for final tightening of the chuck to ensure that the drill bit is held with sufficient force.

Quick “SET” (beta)

A new assignable shortcut has been introduced, nicknamed the Quick SET function. This function allows the user to quickly define the “Set Depth” value by copying the value of the depth reading.

To assign the shortcut, go to Menu > Edit F Shortcuts > [Any F key] > Edit Set Depth and select the “Depth → Set Depth” option.

To use the shortcut, simply lower the spindle down to the desired depth (as denoted by the digital depth readout) and press the F shortcut key corresponding to the Quick SET function. This will change the “Set Depth” value to the height that was displayed.

Password Setting Lock

The password function can now be used to lock the most settings. To enable the menu lock, go to Menu > Configuration > Password and toggle the “Lock Menus” option to Yes or No.

The menu lock will ask the user to enter the password each time if the password has been set and the user is trying to access the following menus:
• Edit F Shortcuts
• Edit Fav. Speeds
• Configuration

Idle/Run display

To maintain a clutter free interface, the user is able to control some of the information and how they are displayed on the screen. These options are:
• Speed Rounding: When enabled, this rounds the running speed displayed to the “set speed” if the running speed is within +/- 10rpm, this reduces the amount of flickering on the screen but can be turned OFF if the user wishes to see accurate speed feedback

• Load Display: If the user does not wish to see the power output of the motor (load on the machine), this option can be turned OFF. All load related function will still work if the load display is turned OFF.

• Show Shortcuts: The F button shortcuts at the bottom of the display can be turned OFF for a minimal drill press interface experience.

To turn any of these settings, go to Menu > Configuration > Interface Setting > Idle/Run Display and turn the settings ON or OFF.

Custom Speed Limit

On top of the standard speed limit toggle between 3000 and 5500rpm, a new feature has been introduced which allows the user to set any custom speed limit value between 1000 and 5500rpm in increments of 50rpm.

To set the custom speed limit, go to Menu > Configuration >Motor Performance and press and hold down the speed dial for 3 seconds while the cursor is pointing at the Max Speed.
To return to the standard speed limit, the user would simply quick press the speed dial or <Zero/Confirm> button.

This function may be helpful for education providers who wish to limit the maximum speed of the drill press for safety purposes.

Power Limit

While the standard power of the DVR motor is great for drilling operations, some users may wish to decrease or increase the power output limit on their machine. The new firmware allows the user to toggle between 3 predefined settings as well as define a custom power limit between 1 to 100%.
For the DVR Motor, the power limit setting of 0 to 70% represents the normal operation mod. A power limit of 70% to 100% represents “Overdrive” mode (explained further down).
NOTE: A low power limit may be useful for delicate operations such as tapping with smaller thread taps to prevent breakage.

To access the power limit function, go to Menu > Configuration >Motor Performance and select “power output”. To toggle between the pre-set power limit options, move the cursor is pointing at Power Output and quick press the speed dial or <Zero/Confirm> button. The 3 pre-set values are defined below:
• Low: Predefined power limit of 20%
• Med: Predefined power limit of 50%
• High: Predefined power limit of 70%, this is the default value

Overdrive Mode: If the user requires additional power to drill very large holes or through hard metal material, the user can unlock the full power of the DVR motor by setting the power limit to between 70% and 100% using the custom power limit option.

To select a custom power limit press and hold down the speed dial for 3 seconds while the cursor is pointing at Power Output. This will allow the user to set any power limit between 1 and 100%.

Important information about Overdrive Mode
• If the power limit is set above 70%, this value will only be saved as long as the machine is powered on. If the power has been turned OFF via the power switch on the side, the value will be reset to 70% at the next power up.

• Excessive use of the machine above the 70% power limit is NOT RECOMMENDED. Prolonged use above the 70% threshold may cause the motor controller to overheat and shorten the life of your tool.


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Note: You can revert to your previous version software at any time


Read Instructions (.pdf)
Note these are also included in your download, accessible by clicking on the link above.
Firmware Upgrade Instructions – NOVA