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Nova Voyager Fence Accessory

First in a line of exciting accessories for the NOVA Voyager, this Fence accessory will allow you to drill
consistent holes along the same plane every time, as well as provide support for larger pieces of wood.

SKU: 9037

Product Description

• Heavy duty aluminium extrusion insures stability and and flatness along the length of the fence.
• Cut away center section allows the user to drill with smaller bits very close to the fence so that auxiliary blocks are not needed as         frequently.
• T-slots on the face and top to allow for the addition of hold downs and other devices to support the work piece.
• Flip stop for consistent positioning in repetitive drilling situations.
• Ratchet style locking handles to permit quick positioning and solid locking of the fence.
• Fits most Drill Presses (Check your specific machine specs to be sure)
• Presented in a full color box

Standard Equipment:
Extruded Aluminum Fence
Flip Stop
Handle and Fastenings
Unit length: 15.5”/393.7mm
Unit Height: 3” /76.2mm
Unit Depth: 2” /50.8mm
Packaged Weight: 2lbs/907gms
1 complete unit to a box
Boxed Dimensions: 16” L x 3” W x 3.5” H
in a glossy color printed box with NOVA
2 Year Full Replacement Warranty on all parts



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