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NOVA 5/8″ Bore Chuck Insert Adapter

  • Adapts any Teknatool Chuck to almost any lathe spindle at a very low cost.
  • Ensure maximum adaptability and flexibility for users and resellers alike

Product Description

NOVA ISNS 5/8″ Plain Bore Chuck Insert/Adaptor allows you to ‘adapt’ your Insert Type NOVA Chuck to a 5/8″ Plain Bore Shopsmith. Allows you to keep the same chuck and accessories if you change your lathe – you only need to change the insert/adpator. The internal is a 5/8″ plain bore and the external thread matches the NOVA insert type chucks, to simply and easily screw into the back of your NOVA Insert Type Chuck. This then makes your NOVA insert type chuck ready to attach to your 5/8″ Plain Bore Shopsmith spindle. Precisely machined from 1045 High Tensile Steel.


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