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Nova 30th Anniversary G3 Chuck Bundle

This limited edition 30th Anniversary Bundle includes the popular NOVA G3 chuck, dedicated threaded 1” 8TPI reversible with an additional 2 popular accessory jaws and a sturdy storage/carry case. Perfect for gifting.

SKU: 48296

Product Description

• Includes G3 chuck, 50mm/2” Jaws, 100mm/4” Jaws and Pin Jaw set, in a sturdy storage/carry case.
• Anti-release spindle lock, reversible feature, designed exclusively for use on the NOVA COMET II MIDI LATHE. Ensures chuck will stay securely mounted on the Comet II Midi lathe, during forward and reverse turning applications
• One handed geared action; powerful & positive grip.
• Small size and weight minimises load on small spindles and bearings.
• Very accurate and high quality – built to the same exacting standards as the SuperNova2 and Titan chucks. Years of reliable service.
• Takes the same accessory range as all other NOVA chucks, very versatile, able to tackle a wide range of projects*
• Comes in a dedicated 1”8 Dual Thread, exclusively for the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe.
• Fast operating action – ideal for production turning of smaller pieces
• Advanced features – automatic jaw safety stop, Copper impregnated jaw slides.

6 year full warranty – best in market


• Dedicated 1”8 Thread, designed exclusively for the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe.
• Limited edition includes 2 extra jaws, JS100N 100mm/4” Jaws and JSPIN Pin Jaws in a sturdy storage case.
• Small size 85mm/3.35”
• Packaged Weight: 6.1lbs/2.77kgs
• One handle geared operation
• Up to 350mm/14” diameter bowls (using std jaws)
• Up to 150mm/6” length spigots (using std jaws)

Takes all the standard NOVA Accessory Jaws that are recommended for the G3 Chucks.

Safety Advisory! Only use authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck. Using non genuine NOVA and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void our market leading warranty. NOVA accessories are designed for use only on NOVA chucks. Do not use on any other chuck.


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