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Got a question on a particular product?
Please go to the product page and you might find an answer to your question in the Manual section. Or click our Help Desk to search our articles/FAQ database for frequently asked questions. If you need an answer to a question that you can’t find on the site, please start a support ticket using our online Help Desk, or email us at service@teknatool.com. Within the USA you can phone us toll free on 1-866-748-3025 or +1-727-954-3433. For all phone enquiries outside of the USA call us on +649-477-5600.

Need a service or repair to your NOVA product?
If you are located in US, you can also contact our Service Center toll free on 1-866-748-3025 or email us. Also for US residents only at this stage, we operate a spares and service website for spares, parts and accessories that our dealers don’t carry, you can purchase online.

Wondering where to purchase NOVA products?
Please see our BUY page to find a dealer close to you. If you are a US resident, you can purchase spares and parts online.

For other inquiries
Please start a service ticket or email us. Or you can call us Toll Free on 1-866-748-3025 (within the USA only) or +649-477-5600

For questions about the Striatech technology or to purchase a Striatech motor
Please refer to striatech.com or contact us at info@striatech.com.
Call us at +1 (727) 202-9932 (within the USA only).