Time Line

Company founded in Auckland, New Zealand. Starts life as a general engineering manufacturing firm, called LATALEX LTD, with some specific product designs, namely the Radial Arm Saw.


Time line

NOVA brand of Woodturning equipment developed by the company.
NOVA 1000 lathe production started. This lathe is often still affectionately referred today, and many units still exist on the second hand market. This lathe was bright yellow, and cast out of aluminium. It featured outrigger system, 8 speeds.


Time Line

NOVA enters the Australian Market, with first export order of NOVA lathes and accessories.


Time Line

Teknatool purchases new, larger custom built factory in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand.


Time Line

The replaceable point AV Centre System is introduced.


Time Line

Teknatool develops the first chuck based screw system and the name Woodworm™ screw first coined with the Multichuck System.


Time Line

The first key operated chuck designed.


Time Line

NOVA Chuck Introduced.  First four jaw scroll self centering chuck designed especially for Woodturning.

Special jaws developed and introduced including the internal thread for end grain work holding.

The replaceable chisel tool tip concept introduced, Bowl gauges and the Hollowing tool under the HITURN sub-brand.


Time Line

Teknatool enters the North American Market with its NOVA brand of Woodturning Equipment.
The Cole Jaw (and the name of our demonstrator) Accessory for the NOVA Chuck introduced.
Company changes it’s name from LATALEX LTD to TEKNATOOL INTERNATIONAL LTD


Time Line

NOVA 2000 ( ” inboard swing) large steel construction lathe introduced into Australia and Canada.

Teknatool enters the UK market with it’s NOVA brand of Woodturning Equipment.


Time Line

NOVA TL1500 Lathe Introduced. Featuring a solid steel, twin rail bed system, it had a simple rotating headstock, a 1HP motor and 8 speeds.


Time Line

NOVA Comet Lathe introduced.  Teknatool’s first ‘small’ lathe.  This lathe featured a 3/4HP motor and gap bed accessories. This lathe was introduced into the NZ, Australian, US and Japanese markets.


Time Line

The NOVA 3000 lathe series introduced with unique extendable bed system. The sophistication and ease of use of the swivel head opened up the huge advantages of being able to move the head out( the magic 22.5º position) providing a total clear position.

Teknatool introduces the NOVA bed extension concept and the NOVA Outrigger concept, accessories for the NOVA 3000 lathe, giving the turner the ability to customise their lathe to their project as required. 

The Hiturn Sharpening Centre is introduced.


Time Line

Teknatool launches the NOVA Ornamental turning attachment, opening up the world of Ornamental turning.

Teknatool launches the SUPERNOVA chuck, a larger geared version of its original NOVA chuck.


Time Line

Lathe Handbreak Handwheel with combined vacuum coupler function introduced.

NOVA Live Centre System launched, a Live Centre with interchangeable heads. 

NOVA  Mercury 1/4HP lathe introduced, a highly successful mini lathe which had the ability to expand both in bed length and had outboard facility.

Teknatool builds large extension to its existing factory, giving new additional office spaces, warehouse and research and design spaces.


Time Line

The DVR Drive introduced in the New Zealand & Australian markets. Released on the DVR 3000 Lathe. Many have said the most major advance in lathes since they were first motorised. It will take a few years for the full advantages of the DVR Drive to be fully realised, but even upon its initial release it was revolutionizing Woodturner’s turning experiences.

Teknatool introduces its popular annual Open Day.


Time Line

The NOVA DVR 3000 lathe is released into the USA and the UK, Europe.

Teknatool launches the NOVA Titan Chuck, the largest geared chuck in the NOVA Chuck range.

NOVA Mercury 1/2HP Mini Lathe introduced into the US Market as an exclusive product for a customer.


Time Line

Teknatool wins R & D award for it’s work on the groundbreaking DVR technology


Time Line

Teknatool launches the SUPERNOVA2 Chuck, an updated version of the very popular SuperNova Chuck.  This chuck features innovative design features such as glass strand infused indexing backing plate, copper infused jaw slides for lubrication and durability, and unique Tuff Lock Gear profile.

Teknatool launches the NOVA Precision Midi, an updated version of the original NOVA chuck.


Time Line

Teknatool launches the NOVA DVR XP, the next generation DVR Woodlathe.

Teknatool launches the NOVA G3 Chuck.


Time Line

Teknatool purchases 100% New Zealand owned factory in Qingdao, China.
Teknatool launches the NOVA 1624-44 Woodlathe.
NOVA 10 in 1 Workshop Gauge launched, an accessory item for the NOVA chucks, plus a general all purpose workshop gauge.
Teknatool launches the WOODSURFER Bowl Rest.


Time Line

Teknatool NOVA 1624-44 lathe and DVR XP lathe win Best Value award, from Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Teknatool moves its New Zealand base from Henderson to Albany, North Shore, Auckland.

NOVA Soft Jaws launched, an accessory jaw set for the NOVA Chucks.

Teknatool introduces an improved design NOVA Ornamental Turner.


Time Line

Teknatool launches the NOVA Sharpening Centre and the NOVA Swing Away Bed


Time Line

Teknatool Won the Doing Business in China/Investor in China Award and the Supreme Trade Award at the NZCTA bi-annual awards. That means that Teknatool was considered the best company doing business in China for the whole of New Zealand!

NOVA chuck awarded “A Top-25 Innovation” for its contribution for groundbreaking changes to the way people worked with wood over the last 25 years. From the prestigious WOOD Magazine. To read the full article, click HERE

Teknatool launches a second R&D centre in downtown Qingdao


Time Line

Teknatool International starts Teknatool USA Inc, a company based in St Petersburg, Florida. This company will handle the customer care, servicing and technical needs of NOVA customers in the USA.

NOVA launches the Tailstock Chuck Adaptor.


Time Line

DVR motor is launched for the first time in applications outside of NOVA, the DVR is the core element in the new Shopsmith PowerPro Machine. Giving the Shopsmith an intelligent and powerful core motor technology. See the video HERE.

NOVA launches the NOVA DVR 2024 Woodlathe, its largest capacity machine with the intelligent DVR motor on board.

Teknatool receives ‘Best Investor’ Award at the NZCTA national awards, for the company achieving best results in the category of Best Investor in China.


Time Line

NOVA Launches the Comet II Midi lathe with revolutionary Versaturn Accessories.  This ‘plug n’ play’ midi lathe is not only best in class as a midi lathe, but also features a revolutionary approach to accessories, enabling the lathe to become a complete woodworking workstation.

Due to strong growth, Teknatool USA Inc moves to larger facilities, which will enable the company to incorporate a specialist service support and an R&D center.


Time Line

NOVA launches NOVA Infinity Quick Change Chuck, enabling complete jaw change outs in under 30 seconds.


Time Line

DVR Technology Developments (now known as Striatech) created for actively developing the DVR Smart Motor Technology into new projects and products outside of Woodworking.


Time Line

Teknatool launches dedicated, stand alone R&D offices in Qingdao, China.
NOVA launches 23 new accessory products including Drill Chucks, Flexible Centers, 12″ Cole Jaws, Modular Toolrests, to name a few.


Time Line

NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press and NOVA Galaxi DVR Lathe launched. The Voyager represents NOVA’s first move into general Workshop machinery.


Time Line

This year, NOVA Celebrates 30 Years of NOVA in the USA.