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24145 Europe, M33 x 3.5 RH, 220v AC motor
24146 USA/Canada/Japan, 1 ¼”8TPI RH, 115v AC motor
24147 Australasia, 1 ¼”8TPI RH, 230v AC Motor
24148 UK, 1 ¼”8TPI RH, 230v AC Motor

The NOVA 1624 II Lathe represents the most power, most versatility and most features of any comparable mid range lathe.

This updated model has a fresh new look in black to match the new NOVA Galaxi Lathe and the new NOVA Voyager Drill Press. All other features and benefits remain the same from the older model.

WARRANTY: 2-Years Motor, 5-Years Rest of Lathe

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Product Description


  • Powerful 1.5HP Motor, delivers continuous power. Provides 50% more power than comparable lathes on the market, to allow for much larger projects
  • Fantastic 8 speed range from 214 – 3600rpm (USA/Canada) & 178-3000 rpm (rest of world) low speed perfect for bowl turning.
  • 16″/400mm inboard swing
  • Up to 29″/740mm outboard swing, using the fast and easy to use optional outrigger accessory
  • 24″/600mm between centers, extendable in 20″/510mm increments with optional bed extension accessory
  • Quality materials – Solid Cast Iron throughout for rock solid performance.
  • Stationary lathe capabilities in a compact workspace. Incredible power in a compact working space, great for those who need all the workshop space they can get! The full 360 deg swivel head and articulated Outrigger Accessory means that turning even large bowls (29”) you are still turning in the same compact working envelope.
  • Strong 2MT spindles
  • Easy speed change
  • Easy speed viewer
  • NOVA smart accessories – lathe accessories are common between the models, meaning any money invested in the accessories isn’t wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe
  • Fully 360° Swivel head – position work where you want it, makes your turning more comfortable and saves you workshop space.
  • Precision Machining.
  • Spindle Lock and 24 Division Index
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer. These feature easy grip rubber handles.
  • Extendable Beds – make your lathe as long as your project requires, without having permanently taking up workshop room! (Additional Accessory item)
  • Quick Action Cam Controls – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast
  • Large range of accessories
  • True Swivel head – easy on the back and allows turner to operate in a compact working area – great for those who need extra workshop space.
  • Superior bowl turning performance, the only lathe in its segment with a true swivel head & outrigger for bowls up to 29”. Nova 1624 has more power, lower speeds and the capacity to handle really large bowls.
  • 50% more power available than others in the same segment with a massive 1.5HP motor.
  • The 1624 is the only lathe on the market in this price bracket with this much versatility
  • Reversible motor – Great for finishing and left handed turners.
  • Adjustable vibration dampening stand – Feet individually adjustable to suit floor level, included with lathe.


  • Bowl turning capacity: 400mm/16″ onboard. 740mm/29″ outboard. (Using optional outrigger accessory)
  • Between centers: Standard 600mm/24″. Extendable to as long as you want in 510mm/20″ increments, using optional bed extension accessory.
  • HP: 1.5HP (115V)
  • Speed range: 215 – 3600 rpm
  • Spindle Thread: 1 1/4″ 8TPI RH (USA, Canada, Australasia & UK), M33 x 3.5 RH (Europe excluding UK)
  • Tailstock: 2MT hollow
  • Swivel head: 360 degree swivel and lock at any position, plus detent locating positions at 0, 22.5, 45, 90 and 315 (for left hand turners) degrees. High accuracy and easy swivel.
  • Indexing: 24 Division
  • Warranty: 2 Year full replacement on motor, 5 years full replacement on all other parts


WEIGHT: 251 Lbs / 114kgs including stand and motor

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5 reviews for NOVA 1624 II LATHE

  1. 2 out of 5


    One last thing, the replacement spindle I was sent was very obviously used. There where wear marks from where the bearings had ridden, and gouges and scrapes all over. The threads were also dinged up and had a gouge from where the grub screw on a chuck or face plate had been tightened and drug along when removing the chuck/face plate. Now I have a new lathe, with used parts, that I had to install myself in order to get it working without having to send it back. It does run true now, but between the customer support failure and used parts, I wish I would have went with a different lathe from a more reputable company.

    Also, don’t even bother filling out an online help ticket, Mine was opened for over a week with no response, until they closed it. No contact, nothing. If you do buy something from NOVA and have a problem with it, don’t even bother with the help ticket, or calling customer service, just call in and ask for a sales representative, it seems like they are the only ones who will actually stand behind their products and get the problems taken care of.

    I gave it 2 stars because it does run decently for its price, once you finish rebuilding it that is.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a great lathe and best in class. Heavy but compact stand. Good power motor. Runs quiet. Just a great lathe!

  3. 3 out of 5


    It’s a shame you have to buy two motors in order to get the upgrade motor. It’s stuff like that that caused the Boston tea party!

  4. 3 out of 5


    I agree with Jerry above. I would love to be able to order this lathe from _________ (fill in the blank) and have it come with the upgrade and not have to deal with an spare motor. Makes little sense to me.

  5. 5 out of 5


    This lathe is fantastic for starters and pros alike. It’s affordable enough (got mine from Acmetools for around $1000 with free freight shipping), so people on a budget or just exploring turning can afford to get it. The reason it’s affordable is mostly because of the analog system with the motor. If you want to price your lathe at a lower amount, you’ve got to simplify the features. So if you must have the DVR motor, you might as well save up the extra thousand and buy the next level up. People don’t purchase this lathe expecting massive bells and whistles at a $1000 price point. That’s why other reviewers [ed: are incorrect] for suggesting it’s a travesty about the motor upgrade. It’s NOT! It’s AMAZING that they built the 1624 II with such a capability to be upgraded in so many ways. I can start out with the belt-version, then if I really decide I’m loving it, I can sell that motor and go for the DVR upgrade. No one is forcing you to buy 2 motors like that idiot is implying, ignore his review. The same goes for Bill Splaine, who needs to be e’splained that you are knowingly buying the 1624 II with a belt-speed-changing motor. It is the standard 1624 II package, there are no spare motors. If you were looking to buy a lathe with a DVR motor, then you’re already looking at a higher price point, so just spend a few extra hundred on the standard DVR Nova Lathe. If you aren’t brainless, then you know what to expect in the 1,000 price point, and you’d rate the lathe for how it performs and it’s equipped features. When has anyone ever rated something poorly because the manufacturers made it upgrade-capable. If I sold you a car, with a standard 4 cylinder motor, at a lower price point, but then told you it can be upgraded to a 6 cylinder motor, would you rate it 3 stars because it didn’t already come with the upgrade? Would you rate it 3 stars because you bought two motors automatically and have too-few brain cells to know how to sell one? Would you rate it lower because you don’t know how upgrades work? Hopefully you understand that, because some other fools don’t suffer common sense in the power tools world.
    Here’s what I think about the lathe:
    Sturdiness: It’s not very heavy, so I had to design and build a wood frame/shelf to hang from it that I could load with cement blocks to add weight. I also bolted the feet to the cement floor. After adding the outrigger and extension bed, I was able to get it’s weight over 700 lbs. Really this is necessary to do, because anyone who turns knows a lightweight lathe vs. a heavy rough turning will be an ugly sight. I kind of wished at first they’d included the cast iron legs that have the shelf inlets built in, but then after a bit of measuring and whatnot I realized how easy it was to build a wood shelf to load blocks onto. Plus the ‘self-leveling’ feet do a great job with reducing creep and vibration if you aren’t bolted to the floor. For the price ($999), the legs aren’t that bad and the weight is substantial enough.
    Motor: 1.5 HP is plenty, and I’ve only really strained it with very large pieces. However, as long as you can keep your chisels really sharp (which you always should) then you won’t be really causing any heavy strain to the motor or belt. I like the switch setup, but I haven’t tested reverse yet. The on/off works great, and the safety setup is engineered well. I hope the plastic parts don’t wear out, but they look solid enough for at least 20 years of constant use. May have to change a belt every few years, but whatever that’s fine. The speed options are evenly spaced, I do wish that the minimum speed was a little slower, but it’s got fine speed options at it’s price point. The DVR motor upgrade is a fantastic idea, and I think I’ll buy it in a year or so, since I’ve been making money off of Etsy turning projects. I could really go for dialed-in speeds rather than changing the belt, even though I’m fast about changing belt speeds, really it’s that I don’t like touching the dusty belt when I’m wearing gloves to apply finish. One trick I’ve learned also, for lower speeds, is to get a BBQ basting motor, and hook it up to the spindle, so that you can turn the spindle head at 2-4 RPM, for finishing with epoxy resin where the cure time is long. I’d use this with finishing large bowls, shift knobs, sinks, or anything with a heavy liquid finish that cures slowly.
    Features: The upgrades are cheap, and awesome, do the math, it’d be very expensive to get the same features on the sister brands. I’ve got the extension bed out to 44 inches, so I can do canes, larger lamps, bats, etc. I’ve got the outrigger so I can do larger bowls, table tops, snare drums, etc. The black paint looks great, and the quality control on the one I bought was good. The little window where you view the belt speeds gets dusted over easily, but a simple wipe reveals where you are. They could’ve made that feature a little better. The assembly was easy, and once all put together it didn’t seem uneven or poorly cast. The headstock also swivels out, which with the outrigger gets you up to 29″ diameters, shallow depth however, but still that’s a cool feature.

    All in all, this is an amazing lathe, especially for it’s price. I can’t believe I could get a professional lathe at 1,000 with the ability to upgrade the length, diameter, and eventually the motor. As long as you know what to expect when you buy it, and have planned for weight compensation, you won’t be disappointed. If you really want a DVR motor, then don’t be an idiot like the other two reviewers, and just save up a little more for the DVR model lathe, where it comes standard. If you want to save money, and have no problem with changing the belt for different speeds, then get this one, it’s not that much of a hassle unless you work on the lathe near daily. Then, if you really want the DVR motor, after you’ve had the lathe for a while, then it’s available as an upgrade. Even if you bought the upgrade along with this lathe, it would still cost less that the full DVR model, plus you could sell the standard motor. If you have a problem with that, or if the concept makes your brain hurt, then just stay away from it, but don’t complain about something that isn’t wrong in the first place.

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NOVA 1624 II

Important Notice: 1624 II limited issue
14th Dec 2016 ​
D​uring a routine inspection, we have found that a small % of the new NOVA 1624 II Lathes have the motor reversed.
We are supplying new stickers to show this configuration for the small number of customers who have this issue.
If you are experiencing any issues, please stop using your NOVA 1624 II lathe and contact us.
We will issue you with a new motor switch sticker to correct this problem. ​
An outline of the corrective action can be found How to replace motor direction palte on 1624 II lathe. If you are at all uncertain, please don’t use your lathe and contact us to discuss.

Note this applies to a limited number of units, in a finite batch. All future batches do not have this issue and additional processes and checks have been put in place to ensure this does not happen again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

1 x Motor 1.5HP AC (see below for details)
1 x Cast Iron Box Section Metal Stand
1 x 2MT Spur Drive Centre
1 x 2MT Live Drive Centre
1 x 3”/80mm Steel Faceplate
1 x 12”/300mm Cast Iron Toolrest
Fastenings, Manual